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Element Yaldā/Chella Countries Iran (Islamic Republic of) and Afghanistan Registration ۲۰۲۲ Description Yaldā/Chella refers to a traditional celebration of the sun and the warmth of life. Practiced in Iran and Afghanistan, the event takes place on the

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Art of miniature

Element Art of miniature Countries Azerbaijan, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Türkiye and Uzbekistan Registration ۲۰۲۰ Description The miniature is a type of two-dimensional artwork that involves the design and creation of small paintings on books,

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List of elements Radif of Iranian music Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars Music of the Bakhshis of Khorasan Pahlevani and Zoorkhanei rituals Ritual dramatic art of Ta‘zīye Naqqāli, Iranian dramatic

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